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COGO Press Release


By Michael A Vanhook, GISP

February 9, 2015

Report Card on the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

The Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) announces the release of its Report Card on the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) that depicts the condition and performance of the nation’s geospatial “infrastructure” which includes surveyed, mapped and remotely-sensed information. The NSDI Report Card is in the familiar form of a school report card—assigning letter grades that are based on physical condition and needed investments for improvement.

The report card was developed by an expert panel chaired by The Honorable James E. Geringer, former Governor of Wyoming, with Dr. David J. Cowen, John J. Moeller, Dr. John D. Bossler, Susan Carson Lambert, The Honorable Tom D. Rust, and The Honorable Robert T. Welch. This effort is loosely patterned after the successful Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, published by the American Society of Civil Engineers. COGO initiated this effort in 2009 by securing the commitment of the expert panel members who worked on a volunteer basis to produce this report.

As noted in the report’s foreword, COGO “recognizes the individual contributions of all Federal, state, regional, tribal, and local government agencies that have worked in concert with the private and academic sectors to develop the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) as it exists today. This work has spanned entire careers, and COGO applauds the sincerity of their efforts and the value of their contributions.”

The COGO member organizations represent approximately 170,000 individual geospatial practitioners. Together, the coalition is delivering this assessment to help Congress, the Administration, Federal agency executives, and others understand the importance of geospatial data to the nation, as well as shortcomings of the NSDI. The member organizations want to engage Congress, Federal agencies, and the FGDC to discuss and identify common sense improvements that will lead to a more robust National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Michael Vanhook, COGO Chairman, stated “Federal agencies have worked for many years to improve their geospatial programs, but the COGO member organizations believe that the national data sets and delivery systems (the NSDI) generally need improvement. It is time for the Federal government to more effectively engage the entire stakeholder community to ensure that America has the highest quality geospatial infrastructure. Doing so will allow us to more efficiently and effectively deal with society’s needs, and to reduce duplication of effort.”

Report Card on the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) –


Michael A. Vanhook, GISP

Chair, Coalition of Geospatial Organizations



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 GISP is a certified geographic information systems (GIS) Professional who has met the minimum standards for ethical conduct and professional practice as established by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).  GISCI offers participants a positive method of developing value for professionals and employers in the GIS profession.

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GLIS becomes a member of the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO)

NEWS:  On July 25, 2012 GLIS became an official member organization of the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO).

The Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) is a coalition of national professional societies, trade associations, and membership organizations in the geospatial field, representing more than 30,000 individual users of geospatial data and technology.

The stakeholder groups that make up COGO speak with one voice whenever possible on geospatial data and policy issues.

GLIS Press Release – April 18, 2012



                                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



April 18, 2012 – The Geographic and Land Information Society (GLIS) is pleased to announce a new focused and reinvigorated organization!  When the imminent merger of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) into the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) takes place, GLIS will no longer be a member organization of ACSM.  We are enthusiastically launching into a new era for GLIS, and we ask for your continued support in building an even better organization, worthy of your membership. This is a great time for those wanting to be an integral part of a forward-thinking professional geospatial organization that provides opportunities, resources, and benefits to their members to join GLIS.  GLIS intends to build our organization to be the national premier surveying and mapping organization for all that have an interest in promoting and working with geospatial data for the professional land surveying, geographic information systems, and engineering industries.

The benefits to GLIS membership include:

  • Access to online training for continuing education.  Each member will receive 2 hours of on-line ethics training for free, and discounts on other online courses.
  • Access to the latest publication on science, business, technology, ethics, education, and theories with their online peer-reviewed journal SaLIS
  • Access to open-source surveying and mapping software portal.  This portal provides free software developed tools that work with existing surveying and mapping systems and software in use by surveying and mapping.
  • Access to our online data and education text book series.  GLIS has built and maintains links to free educational information concerning surveying and mapping.
  • Access to archived SaLIS journals
  • A multitude of opportunities to collaborate with other geospatial organizations

GLIS is ready to take advantage of all of the opportunities within the geospatial world.  As GLIS grows, we will be looking for energetic individuals who are passionate about the geospatial industry and who are willing to champion, lead and participate on various task forces and committees including standards, education, and public relations.  If you have an interest in working on any of these efforts, please contact one of the officers.

Our vision for GLIS is to further develop our organization to become the national go-to organization for surveying-related GIS concerns and issues.  We plan to provide a continuing forum for communication and coordination between GIS and surveying professionals; develop useful educational events and materials; and support local, regional, and national cooperation among other GIS and surveying organizations.  We intend to foster the development and adoption of useful standards, specifications, and procedures for the development and operation of land information systems.  We are looking to create new ideas, new talent and new energy.  GLIS full membership is currently open to all individuals and organizations that have an interest in the geospatial industry, which means that anyone can become a contributing, voting member at any point in their career.  There are also opportunities for any member to become an officer/director of GLIS if they so choose.

Please visit our new website at to join or renew your membership in GLIS.  You have the option of paying your dues with a debit card, a credit card, a PayPal account or by check.  Stay tuned to this new website for important new information in the coming weeks as we move forward. 

Again, thank you for your support and dedication to our national organization.  We look forward to working with you to promote the geospatial industry and strengthening this organization in the coming years.

GLIS Board of Directors